Monday, August 27, 2007

I Suck. And Not in a Good Way.

I mean, here I (maybe) titillate you with the prospect of recounted debauchery only to let you down.

I'm sorry, dear reader.

At least I can cop to my transgression, so that's a step in the right direction, no?
In the meantime, the blogosphere has changed. I see maudlin enterprise and/or (more) complete abandon of some of my favored (and linked to) fellow bloggers.

Is there some fascism afoot of which I am not aware?

I hope not.

'cause if there were, then I might feel slightly more standoffish about telling you stuff...

Like since it appears I'm not going to be independently wealthy anytime soon, I've decided to try for dependently wealthy.
Which in my case, generally means making myself available to Mr. Esquire whenever he feels like trying to give it a go. Which is, most days, at least once.
And by "available," I do mean the belly-up kind.
(Except for those times I'm on fours. Although lately, he's gotten crazy and I've actually been on top for a second.)
Also, I have to listen to him, and for feck's sake, feign interest in whatever legal bullshit he's up to his ears in that day. Because the poor punter has nothing more to talk about. It is, at times, downright excruciating.

(ok, for those of you who are thinking right now, "what a bitch!" I assure you that I am already fully aware of that, and really am trying to make the best of it. Lemons to Lemonade, you know.)

It makes me crazy.

Where is the Justice in this world?

I have a very well-off high-profile not bad-looking professional man who bends over backwards to do what he thinks I want, and all I can think about is:
1) how can I use that to my advantage, and
2) when will Junior be back in town, because I'm dying to be fucked like the (not very professional or forward-thinking) whore that I am.


Blogger unbridledesires said...

Well hello. It is nice to see you back and talking about all things nice.


6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello beautiful

8:54 AM  
Blogger desert diamond said...

Hi unbridled! Thanks for continuing to notice - it's a wonderful surprise...

You hot-talking creature.
How have you been?
Missed you.

1:56 AM  

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