Friday, March 09, 2007

Slow That Roll

Well, dammit.
I had my weekend all planned out, and it did not include this vicious cold that has beaten me by TKO.

I felt it coming the other day, and tried to avoid it by popping Airborne like it was candy, and drinking lots of water and tea, and trying to rest (efforts that were thwarted by job-related hijinks), but no.
Phlegm is here, and it's trying to get the "stay 3 nights, get the 4th free!" deal.

And like that, my well-thought out and super-efficient plans for this weekend are pfft.

To wit: Jose should have been here now, and we would have been out at dinner, or I would have been humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic while he raised his pole and plunged it into my valley, or whatever else it is crazy folk do before hitting the town.

I had prepared for this visit with some help from Junior, who was kind enough to rearrange a couple of my rooms for me. Obviously, he was not fully aware of the motivation behind my haste to get this job done.

This is awful, I know.

If it makes you feel any better about it, I did ensure that he was able to make an informed choice before he made his decision to move my shit. I reminded him that I was "no contact" because it's _that_ time of the month, y'know, and also I felt a cold coming on, and I was on call at work. I advised him of all of these things, and repeated the question: "all that and you _still_ want to move my bedroom?"
And he stated that he did; he had offered to help, and said that he had plans this weekened and wouldn't be able to do it then, so... yes.
I thought to myself that it all sounded suspiciously boyfriend-like, but let him do it anyway.

I'm little, and my furniture is big. Who am I to pass up on offers of "free" labor?
(I put "free" in quotes, because all that effort on his part did result in my feeling compelled to perform some sort of sex act in gratitude, so I sucked that cock like it was my last meal, and let him fuck my face until he came all over it, so I guess that's something, eh?)
Anyway, I love the new arrangement, and it will be much more comfy and happy for me and Jose or Junior or whoever else happens to be spending the night now that the Animal Planet that lives here can be locked out of the new bedroom. Yay!

Well. That was certainly a bit of a digression.

To wit: Because Jose is not here now, he will have to come tomorrow instead, which means that I will not be able to go back to the hot-shit club I met him outside of last week like I had planned to with my friend. And now I run the heightened risk that we will run into Junior or Evan while out on the town, which could be disastrous.
I'm going to have to take him out because I barely know him, and it would be creepy to just keep him locked up in my house and just fuck him the whole time. After all, that's what Junior is for! (oh, good grief) Besides, I believe you should get out and see a place if you've never been there before, and this is his first time to my fair city. And he did ask to be shown around. Hm. I guess it's a good thing I'm getting some rest today.

To wit: Had I not had all these well-laid plans ready for execution, I am also missing the last minute spontaneous invite to Las Vegas for the weekend by an old friend whom I love too much to just fuck. Which sucks, because Vegas with the right people is a blast, and this guy is the right people.


So, I'm taking the illness as a non-negotiable message from the bod to slow my roll. I've spent the day in and out of bed, on and off of the couch, in and out of the sun (at least there is no effort in working on my tan). Evan brought me food, Jose offered to come take care of me, and my ma has called several times to check on me. I feel well cared for. I'm pissed that I haven't been able to go to the gym, but I've lost a few pounds already just because I'm not doing much in the way of eating, just pushing liquids. I haven't heard from Junior, which annoys me, then I get more annoyed with myself that I feel that annoyance toward him. *sigh* It's like his relational schizophrenia is contagious.

Ah well, here we are, then.
Whether this be a true opportunity for restoration, or merely the calm before the next storm, I intend to enjoy it as much as I am able.

Thank god for vibrators.


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