Wednesday, January 03, 2007


So, it is out with the old, and in with the new. Best wishes for a Happy 2007!

As for me, things are looking up a bit in the blog department. Wow! Apparently, nothing spikes a StatCounter like the author taking an extended vacation... I’ll have to remember that.

Where did you all come from anyway? Inquiring minds wanted to know, and are not very patient, so did some research all on their own...
I learned that Lou of Unfettered Cravings added me to his blogroll – thanks Lou! I think his blog is great, so that works out nicely. I’ve added him to my sidebar as well.

Also, thanks to Viviane for linking to Such a Nice Girl in her Sex Carnival. Two great posts also found there are: Dear Abby Lee: We’ve Outed You! on blog privacy and The Best of Craigslist, which is feckin’ hilarious. I’m considering relocation to the Bay Area as we speak.

As a result of that link, I think, I found feeds of that same post on these two other sites:
Sexoteric Blog
My Adult RSS
Thanks, Persons Responsible for That! (I’m afraid I don’t know the technical term for most things computer.)

Finally, many of you got here through The Sugasm where I submitted a post for #59.
I guess the way to get the links to show up in a copied post is to do it manually, so I’ll spend some time on that.

At any rate, no matter how you happened upon me, warm welcomes to you all. Feel free to drop me a line at the e-mail address in the profile, and enjoy your time in the Mirage.


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