Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Good Day

I finally started my period. I don't remember the last time I was so happy to bleed. No gonna-be-a-momma-drama. What a relief.
I sensed an odd vibe off of Junior when I told him how lucky I felt, and how lucky he should feel too. He has a serious resistance to using protection. I'm generally not a fan of them either, but I admit their usefulness and necessity. I also admit some stupid choices in that area which led to the aforementioned stress and anxiety about the arrival of my crimson tide. He seemed more subdued when I told him. I wonder if he isn't, on some level, hoping to make someone a momma. It's a sure way to lifelong attachment and I get the sense that attachment is more important to him than he lets on.
Well. That's not good. And it's not going to be me. I don't care how much I love to ride a dick bareback. Who doesn't?! But, it's not worth the trauma of constant concern.

Over the weekend, I met a tall hot soldier. Tall is important. FrankenMan is tall. Because you have to be at least six feet to ride this ride (although I did meet a short-but-hot Cuban/Jamaican the other night I imagine might meet other equally-important requirements).
I will, for the moment, reserve judgment and not pass on Jose because he is from Texas (central Texas, even. Yikes!). Because do you have any idea how rare a tall hot Latino is?!
Oh, yeah, so the good news is that I have arranged for this fine young serviceman to come visit me this weekend whereupon I intend to attend to my civic duties, having contributed little in that area for quite some time.
I may not believe in this war, but I certainly believe in the men and women bound to fight in it. I can't do much to show my support, but at least I can contribute to some serious R&R (at least one of the "R"s anyway) for one good soldier. Or delinquency and debauchery. You choose.
At any rate, it's been a good long time since I had a member of this particular branch of the armed forces, and being reasonably close to the water these days, it seems like the right thing to do.

And finally....
Things had gotten weird there with Junior over the last week or so. I had made the mistake of advising him that I like my relationships good and defined, and that his choices were as follows: temporary ongoing sex partner or guy I attempt to date.
Apparently the pressure of being put on the spot with this choice was too much for him to bear, because he kept stalling me out, despite my argument that this is not requiring of a lengthy conversation, Act of God, or letter to a congressperson. Just a descriptional term.

Well, perhaps you can see the source of the difficulty here?
I finally got it.

He is 22.
And he has issues.

So, the moral of the story is: 22 is no time for such existential questioning.

I finally remembered who I was dealing with here (Hot date = Jack in the Box, remember?) and sent an e-mail (several days after one that pretty much said straight out that I was not interested in further engagement with him to which he replied something to the effect of, "what do you mean by that?") that said something like, "look. I was perfectly happy just fucking you because you're tall, hot, pleasantly-shaped, and not actively psychotic. I don't want a serious or committed relationship. If you can deal with this, feel free to call me."
Of course, I used all the right words and appropriate manipulative terms that I estimated would keep me from looking like an old lady desperate for his cock whilst simultaneously stroking his ego, 'cause he likes that.

I received an e-mail within the hour, and two calls later that evening.
And like that, I was able to restore my perfectly amenable casual fucking relationship with this hot little oddity. This is good, because I really do enjoy fucking and getting fucked by Junior.

I am a lucky girl right now. Yes, I am. And quite proud of myself for having managed to line up a steady supply of cock for at least three months without the worries associated with emotional engagement.

Now all I have to do is wait out the period...


Blogger Tom Paine said...

I'm trying to get C.'s threshold down to a younger level, if for no other reason than stamina and repeat performance within a short time.

11:37 AM  
Blogger desert diamond said...

Right now, I'm working the 21-59 range. I can go all Demi on one end, and Anna Nicole to the other.
Naturally, the drama is 24-7.

12:06 PM  

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