Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hot Studs Have Feelings Too.

Life is surreal enough without the additional oddity of having your not new sexual socks blown off by someone who thinks a hot dinner date includes Jack in the Box...

I think I may have offended him when I remarked that it appears as though he has watched a *lot* of porn. There are the stereotypical porn positions, the bordering-on-cheesy noise artifices, and the nearly-violent thrustings at a jackhammer pace.
He denied that this particular genre is a staple in his video collection, so I followed with, "well, you must just be a natural then."
Because all I can say is... damn. This boy fucks like a champ.

A friend of mine said the other day, "I want a man to fuck me like I'm a whore."
I agree, and am happy to report that I can get that all day long (pretty much literally) from, well, let's call him "Junior," eh?

I get spanked, held by the neck, my hair pulled and used for leverage and/or balancing purposes. I get my ass played with which is fucking hot, and about time too - My poor ass hasn't seen any play in years. I can't wait until I get good and fucked in it.
I get multiple orgasms, and whispered coaxings for me to come on that dick.

I thought I might get frustrated by the paucity of oral attention paid to my cunt - I love being licked and sucked - but that hasn't happened. There is the occasional perfunctory flick-by, but generally there is just a lot of fucking. Which is just fine - I can't think of another time in my life when I was this constantly wet and ready. One hot look, or flick of the tongue, and I'm flowing and ready to go. It's as though the easily aroused aspect of youth is contagious.

Sexually, I'm having the time of my life. Contrary to what is likely the norm, Junior appears to actually be interested in catering to my sexual desires and needs.
Imagine my surprise after the first time when I asked him if he was okay and he responded with (I am shitting you not): "I'm just happy that I can please you."
What the fuck?!
I might have thought that an anomaly except for the fact that he regularly asks me how I want him when we're fucking.

I still think he's watched a shitload of porn.

So, the fucking is great, but I must say, I'm a bit nostalgic for the kind of men I'm used to (read: older). The fact is, I have next to nothing in common with this kid. I hate feeling all old and curmudgeonly, but he talks about and is interested in shit that if I've ever even heard of it, I still don't care.

We don't do anything together, there are few conversations. For the most part, I'm fine with this arrangement; I'm not looking for a serious relationship (and certainly not with a college student). I've enjoyed being able to express myself in a much more genuine way, that being possible for the most part because I haven't really cared much about what he thinks. But it would be nice to have someone with whom I could talk about something other than superficial bullshit. And also to be fucking someone who feels more like my equal. A fucking relationship with this guy with no other facets or elements providing depth feels sorta dirty in a way that I am not not cool with (because normally, "dirty" equals "right up my alley.")

I was horrified when he told me I gave him a hickey (what? I bite!), that it was discovered by his dad.
Just. Horrified.

Also, he appears to be becoming attached. He asked to go with me to the gym today, so I gave him a pass. I was amazed that he seemed to not be expecting to come back to my house which is our typical m.o.: I pick him up later in the evening, and bring him over to fuck him in the comfort of my own home. In the morning, I drop him off at work on my way to my own job.

Yesterday he wanted to know why I "never" invite him over, "I always have to hint that I want to come."
"Dude. I've known you a week."

Today, we talked a little bit and got on the subject of politics. I told him that I had briefly toyed with the idea of going into politics once but opted against it as I am truly a publicity nightmare: too many scandals.

"You mean like dating a 22 year-old? Or seeing a 22 year-old?"
"Dating?! No. More like picking up a 22 year-old for sex, because that is generally what happens."
"Seriously. Would you call what we're doing 'dating'?"
He was quiet for a second, then said, "Yeah. I don't know. Probably."



Blogger Viviane said...

He watches porn for the educational value..yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.

It hurts like a motherfucker the first time you do it, but consider getting a Brazilian. Does wonders for oral sex.

10:34 AM  
Blogger desert diamond said...

Are you saying there is no educational merit to the Army Brat series?!
Color me shocked...

You know, a friend remarked that everyone in this age group is shaving or waxing their gens, people in my age group trim, and older let nature be.
I think I'm getting in touch with the idea of severe grooming.
Looks hot in pictures, anyway...

10:55 PM  
Blogger Sabrina Morgan said...

What is up with that? All guys (and advice columnists) want to do is go on about how women are incapable of having casual sex; after all, unlike men, we always get emotionally attached and fall in lurve.

Yet I have yet to find the guy who, when faced with ongoing NSA sex, doesn't try to turn it into dating and/or fall in lurve.

It's almost like some men can't handle having casual sex... ;)

10:17 PM  
Blogger desert diamond said...

Sabrina: The double standard is irritating. If I just want to fuck, I'm a whore (and not in the good way). If it's a guy, he's sowing his oats, or some other farmer-ish metaphor.
I think it's that power thang - many men want to be the ones who decide when to stay or leave.

1:29 PM  

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