Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Motivated by recent loss, propelled by recent events that have been upsetting, and emboldened and heartened by this post and those that followed by Always Aroused Girl, I finally sat my dear husband down and explained to him that I did not think our friendship was going to survive this marriage at the rate we are going.

Then, I held my breath and awaited the wrath/tears/insert generally expected reaction here.

What happened instead aroused and re-awakened my awe and love for this man, for surely, I have never known another love as pure and selfless as this one.

After the initial shock, there was understanding. There were tears, to be sure, and questioning, and explaining, and finally, there was some agreement.

We are both held back by this relationship. It is only fair to ourselves and one another to take the opportunity to experience life on our own individual terms, accountable to, including only able to blame, ourselves for not becoming who/what we could be.

What is more refreshing is that this is not one of those stereotypical tawdry breakups with one-sided pain, laden with adultery, abuse, or rancor. We will actually be a true incidence of "irreconcilable differences" that parted on amicable terms (and not as defined by the spin of a publicist). In a twisted way, it's kind of cool.

I feel truly blessed today, friends, and I am not a religious person.

Thanks to AAG, (I am sidebarring you here) and my sincere wishes that the next chapter in both of our lives becomes proof positive of that tired adage: "no pain, no gain."


I'm looking forward to the continuing the ride. I know it'll be a wild one.


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