Sunday, September 17, 2006


I redid my blog's template, because I think there may have been a bug in my old template. A bug with a virus or some other nasty thing. I suspect hang-around-on-my-blog-for-1hr.+-person.
Every time I ran Ad-Aware ( I was getting something with the word "Trojan" in it, and I do not mean good times! Trojan.

The week has been... uncomfy. Too much work, and not enough connection with the man. I'm becoming disillusioned with this marriage, and I'm not very motivated to fix that. For which I feel pretty guilty.
The scientist is, as it turns out, fairly persistent in a gnatty kind of way.
I, in a random act of the universe, happened upon the blog of an actor I used to fuck before I moved away.
My best friend is asking me if I am putting off the inevitable. I'm not sure if he means abandoning this marriage or resigning myself to it.


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