Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Science and Art Collide

I decided to cut the scientist loose. I haven’t talked to him since I broke our meeting last week. At first I felt guilty for not calling, then I thought, you know, what an asshole. I’m busier by far, and you’re talking about how our plans will be convenient for you. And you’re trying to send me on a guilt trip about not spending large blocks of time with you, when you have known from the outset that that's not possible. Fucking you might have been fun, but I’m not interested in giving you a freebie gfe before your cross-country move. Thanks for the ticket to Guiltsville, but I’ve already been! Several times! So, um, I’ll pass!
Sometimes, though, I think about that picture. Dark hands spreading white flesh, dimpling into the skin, and it makes me shiver. I delight in the chiaroscuro of it all. And I am tempted to call.


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