Sunday, July 15, 2007

Not Dead Yet

Holy shit!
You're still here...

And surprisingly enough, so am I, it would seem.
Not sure how that happened, but okay.

Thanks for the comments and sentiments - it means loads. When reading the comments left on a sex blog make you tear up, it really does give cause for pause, know what I mean?

I guess I should update.

It's a bit late to do that now, but I can report that sometimes more is just... more.

I had sex six times this weekend (the arrival of an unplanned but well-received crimson tide preventing lucky 7) and still don't feel fucked. Possibly because for the first time in quite some time, all of those six times were actually with the SAME PERSON.

I know.
That's crazy talk.

Oh well.

The scenery was nice, and I got a really fantastic book about plants that I hope will help me to improve the state of my landscaping.

Stay tuned for more details of my salacious weekend and further tales of my ongoing debauchery, because although I've taken a longish type break from sex here in the ether, on the ground, it has continued to be ridiculously down and dirty.